Battery Chargers

We offer a full range of new single and 3 phase chargers,


We are the sole UK agents for the latest range of dedicated de-sulphation chargers, which are proven to extend the life of a traction battery by many, many years, The process works by electrically breaking down any Lead Sulphate crystals which form on the battery plates. This formation of crystals inhibits the ability of a battery to store charge and affects the resistance across the cell plates causing overheating when charging and ultimately the demise of the cells ability to function.

Our dedicated de-sulphation chargers go through a series of pulse algorithms designed to break down the crystals that may have formed on the battery plates and reverting them back into their natural constituents, the process also inhibits further formation of crystal growth.

Our de-sulphation chargers are voltage specific (i.e. 12v / 24v / 36v / 48v / 72v / 80v) and can be used as stand alone chargers in their own right or as portable battery repair stations bringing underperforming batteries back into full working order. The units are all portable and are single phase and can therefore be easily transported to a battery bank in need of attention.

The main benefit of having your battery cleaned of any sulphation crystals is that it can be charged from flat in a much shorter time, which saves on electricity costs and ultimately can be shown to be having a benefit environmentally for your company.

  • Extends a Batteries Working Life
    Dramatically increases the life of a battery
  • Performance Print Out
    Allows you to keep a full record and history of the batteries performance
  • Pulse Charging
    Breaks down battery sulphation crystals
  • Savings
    Regenerated batteries charge quicker, reducing energy consumption
  • Fully Portable
    Take the charger to the battery
  • Optimum Battery Capacity
    Can be used to determine batteries capacity and help identify defective batteries
  • Fully Portable
    Discharger can be placed by battery
  • No AC Required
    DC powered; no AC power required from the connected battery set
  • Simple to Operate
    Connect Alligator clamps and press start button
  • Savings
    Determining the condition of your battery can reduce the need for replacement


We are also the sole UK agents for the latest range of digital discharge units, these dischargers are designed to put a battery under constant load to bring it down to 80% discharged. At this point the condition of the battery is reflected in the discharge rate. All figures found during this test procedure can be noted either by reading the digital display on the discharge unit or by connecting a hand held printer or lap top which will give a printed read out of the batteries condition.

When used in conjunction with the de-sulphation chargers the improvement in the battery condition can be tangibly recorded to document the improvement in capacity. The units come as 12v/24v or 36v/48v the current 72v unit is being adapted to test 80v batteries too.

For any companies who have machines on hire or who wish to sell their machine on, then having an accurate figure for the batteries current capacity would prove extremely useful, both in predicting how long a truck will work for and also for assuring a buyer that the battery has working life still available.