Forklift Battery Servicing

Motive power and forklift battery maintenance are vital ingredients for warehouse efficiency.  Regular battery testing allows significant savings in battery replacement and repair costs while maximising operations productivity and up-time.  RSA Power offers a variety of solutions for forklift, industrial carts, golf cart battery testing, high-frequency golf cart chargers, as well as warehouse facility management.

Powered industrial trucks and forklifts are used in a variety of industries for day-to-day plant operations. When a forklift is under-performing, battery failure is usually the number one reason. Forklift battery testing and forklift battery maintenance are often neglected, which can contribute to high repair and replacement costs, major safety risks, and a significant decrease in a forklift’s lifespan. Decrease downtime, optimise your forklift batteries and save money by testing your forklift batteries regularly.

Learn more about the advantages of load testing your forklift batteries, regenerating old sulphated batteries, and high-efficiency battery charging.  RSA Powers motive power solutions are designed to save you time & money while maximising warehouse efficiency.

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